NGC 292 - Small Magellanic Cloud in the constellation Tucana (Toucan)

The Small Magellanic Cloud is an irregular dwarf galaxy and a close neighbour of our Milky Way. Due to its relatively small distance, it can already be seen with the naked eye as an extended nebulous patch. Even with a short focal length it can be resolved into the brightest individual stars and gas nebulae.
The globular cluster NGC 104 in the right part of the image is the second brightest globular in the sky after Omega Centauri. It stands far in front of the Magellanic Cloud at a distance of 17,000 light-years.

larger image
Optics: Canon EF 200 mm f/2.8L USM at f/4
Aperture: — mm
Focal Length: 200 mm
Camera: Fuji X-M1
Exposure: 25 x 600 s
Location: Chamaeleon Observatory, Onjala Lodge, Namibia
Processing: DeepSkyStacker, Nebulosity, Photoshop
Diameter:7,000 light years
Distance:200,000 light years
annotated image

image field in the sky