HD 186302 - Solar twin and galaxies in the constellation Pavo

The image shows a relatively star-poor region in the constellation Pavo. Directly in the center of the image, at the coordinates RA = 19h 49m 6.43s and DE = -70° 11' 16.7″, is an inconspicuous star of the 9th magnitude - HD 186 302. Its distance to the solar system is 184.1 +/- 0.3 light years. After HD 162 826 in the constellation Hercules, the star is only the second precisely researched twin of our sun. The definition of a twin not only means that HD 168 302 is a sun-like star, but also that it was formed at the same time as our sun from the same cloud of dust and molecules.

Franziska Konitzer 18 describes exactly how astronomer Vardan Adibekyan and his colleagues from the University of Porto proceeded to find this star in the journal Sterne & Weltraum, May 2019 from page 18. The paper by Adibekyan and his team was published in Astronomy&Astrophysics, Volume 619, Article 130.

larger image
Optics: Astro Physics EDF
Aperture: 130 mm
Focal Length: 870 mm
Camera: ZWO ASI 071 MC
Exposure: 12 x 300 s
Location: Chamaeleon Observatory, Onjala Lodge, Namibia
Processing: DeepSkyStacker, Nebulosity, Regim, Photoshop
Distance:184 light years (HD 186302)
annotated image

image field in the sky