GN 16.05.2 – Reflection Nebula in the constellation Scorpius (Scorpion)

The Lupus 3 molecular cloud at the border of the constellations Scorpion and Wolf hosts GN 16.05.2, a large but faint reflection nebula. The two stars HR 5999 and HR 6000 in the center of the nebula were formed in the molecular cloud and illuminate the surrounding area with their blue light. They are the middle of a whole cluster of newly formed stars which are hidden in visible light behind the dense parts of the nebula.
In the lower right corner you can see another small reflection nebula, named GN 16.01.6.

GN 16.05.2
larger image
Optics: C11 with Hyperstar
Aperture: 280 mm
Focal Length: 560 mm
Camera: Alccd12
Exposure: 65 x 300 s
Location: Chamaeleon Observatory, Onjala Lodge, Namibia
Processing: Nebulosity, Regim, Photoshop
Diameter:~ 2.5 light years
Distance:~ 520 Lichtjahre
annotated image

image field in the sky