IC 2220 - Reflection Nebula in the constellation Carina (The Keel)

This nebula is one of the rarely occurring yellowish reflection nebulae in the sky. The central red giant HD 65750 constantly loses gas and dust masses, which cool down and are illuminated by the red giant. The light is reflected mainly by dust particles of quartz.

The appearance of the nebula reminds (slightly :-)) of a traditional British beer mug, the Toby-Jug, so IC 2220 is also known as the Toby-Jug Nebula.

larger image
Optics: Planewave CDK 12.5 with Televue 0.8x reducer
Aperture: 318 mm
Focal Length: 2030 mm
Camera: Canon EOS 700Dac
Exposure: 15 x 600 s
Location: Chamaeleon Observatory, Onjala Lodge, Namibia
Processing: Nebulosity, Starnet++, Photoshop
Diameter:1 light year
Distance:1,150 light years
annotated image

image field in the sky