LBN 15 – Molecular Cloud in the constellation Serpens (Snake)

The molecular clouds around LBN 15 are located directly east of the bright stars of the µ Serpentis asterism in the constellation Snake. The three brightest stars are already visible to the naked eye and cause the blue reflections in the left part of the image.

LBN 15
larger image
Date: 30.07.2021
Optics: C11 with Hyperstar
Aperture: 280 mm
Focal Length: 560 mm
Camera: Alccd12
Exposure: 74 x 180 s
Location: Chamaeleon Observatory, Onjala Lodge, Namibia
Processing: Nebulosity, Registar, Regim, Photoshop
Diameter:~ 10 light years
Distance:~360 light years
annotated image

image field in the sky